Funds Raised

ABILITY ON WHEELS is effort to encourage the people with disabilities (PWDs) to take a big leap towards leading a normal life by being able to drive on their own.


1) An exclusive motor driving training school using modified / customized cars as per the disability (restricted to Locomotors Disability of bones, joints or muscles in upper or lower limbs)

2) Education on rules, regulations & processes related to purchase of vehicles, modifications required, its registration and guidance on how to get the associated benefits in Road Tax, Insurance etc & over above all how to get a driving license.

3) Getting their vehicles modified / customised by being the channel between PWD's & RTO approved modification kit manufacturers.

4) To generate employment by opening up driving as one of the professions that can be undertaken

5) To support PWD's in getting loans under various schemes of State / Central government

6) To provide wheel chair accessible vehicles on rental basis for smooth commutings

7) To organise various events showcasing achievements of PWD's in close association with other NGO's working for the betterment of PWD's

8) To promote their self esteem & the philosophy that "The only disability in life is a lack of good attitude"

9) To encourage corporates to extend support to the initiative of Mobility Services for PWD's as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts

10) To suggest welfare schemes to the Government in the area of Mobility Services for the PWD's


Inclusion of 'specially abled' in the community stream by empowering, facilitating and training them to drive vehicles.


To connect people with disabilities, educate and create opportunities for them to make the most of their abilities, while advocating social change by enhancing the quality of life with developmental or physical abilities through an array of services.